Make Your Next Event A Barbecue!

Pitmaster Supply Smoker Rentals are the fun way to make your event the one they talk about for years to come while you save money! We provide everything you need.

Nothing draws a crowd like the rolling smoke coming out of a big smoker. It’s a conversation starter. People are naturally drawn to the sight and smell of barbecue.

Planning a corporate event? You probably have a backyard Pitmaster who would jump at the chance to cook for your next team-building or customer appreciation event.

Planning a wedding or family reunion? Your guests will love hanging out by the smoker to brag and boast about the best barbecue they’ve ever had.

Better Quality and Save Money!

Why serve expensive, dried-out barbecue takeout when you can smoke your own and slice it hot right out of the smoker? And when you cook your own meat, you can not only serve a high-quality product but save more than half the cost.

Our rentals are usually around 36 hours. We deliver the night before your event and pick up the morning after your event. There’s usually time to do briskets all night for a lunch or even do two separate cooks–one for your event and one for you to stock your freezer! If you are having your event at a venue that limits the time the smoker can be on-site, we can work with you for same day delivery and pickup.

Rental rate is $250. Remember, we provide firewood, cooking equipment, delivery, and cleanup in a turn-key solution without extra fees. Pitmaster Supply supports our community with discounts for nonprofit groups.

If you have any questions about our rentals, feel free to call (682)325-2550 or email

We can do it all!

Smoker rentals start with everything you’ll need to smoke meat. Our 250-gallon smokers can smoke enough meat for 150-300–that’s up to 20 briskets at a time. The basic smoker rental includes the smoker, firewood, tables, and cooking utensils.

Did Kroger have a sale on brisket? You’re more than welcome to provide your own meat. But if you’re looking for a specific barbecue cut like Short Plate Beef Ribs served at popular Texas restaurants like Franklin’s or Louie Mueller Barbecue, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got a wide array of sides, salads, and desserts to complement any menu. Plates, silverware, and napkins? You bet! Novelty drinks including the national drink sponsor of barbecue, Cheerwine, are also available.

Everything is delivered on your schedule and you don’t have to clean up afterward. Just put all of your dirty cutting boards and knives back in their place and we’ll take care of the dishes. We’ll even take away your trash from the provided trashcan and bags!

Pitmaster Supply has a small team of Pitmasters who will come out and cook for you. This service has limited availability, so inquire about a Pitmaster when we set up your rental.

How It Works

First, fill in the form below to give us an idea of what you’d like us to┬ádo for your event. One of our rental planners will contact you to walk you through every aspect of the event and complete your reservation. To save a date, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit which can be transferred twice to other dates due to rain or other circumstances.

Then, the rental planner will contact you sometime within a week before your event to verify your order and make a final plan.

Our driver will deliver your smoker and show your Pitmaster everything they need to know about running the smoker and all of the additional items that come with it. Meats and sides are delivered on ice in Pitmaster Supply coolers.

Last, at the scheduled time, Pitmaster Supply will pick up your smoker, coolers, trash, and dirty utensils so you can rest easy. If you think it all went well, save us some samples to compete in the Pitmaster Supply Leaderboards for the top spots among our customers.

Type of Event
Corporate Event (Client Appreciation, etc.)Commercial Rental (Concessions/Food Truck, etc.)Individual Event (Wedding, Family Reunion, etc.)

Pitmaster Supply Options
Smoker Rental (With Firewood, Tables, and Equipment)Additional FirewoodBarbecue MeatsSide DishesServing Items (Plates, Cups, And Silverware)Pitmaster (Limited Availability)

We will contact as soon as possible during business hours. Thank you from Pitmaster Supply Co.