Pitmaster Supply is your source for the best barbecue and grilling products including premium meats, rubs and sauces, firewood and charcoal, and much more–with $25 flat fee next day delivery 7 days a week.
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Premium Meats

We love barbecue! And a big part of great barbecue is having premium quality cuts that you just can’t find at your local supermarket. Whether it was out of altruism to barbecue or our own selfish desires, we set out to provide those hard to find products. We offer cuts including barbecue favorites like Prime brisket, short plate beef ribs, pork bellies, and boneless turkey breasts. Click here to see all of our products.

The products listed above are items we generally stock, but if you’re looking for a special cut or preparation, click the special product request button to get information, pricing, and availability for any item not listed. For instance, with the growing popularity of whole hog barbecue, we can place a special order for suckling or mature hogs. If you don’t see it, just ask.

Rubs & Sauces

Pitmaster Supply recommends the simple combination of salt and pepper like true Central Texas barbecue. In fact, that’s the only rubs we make ourselves. You’re welcome to also use it has a base for your own “secret ingredient” concoctions.

If you don’t already have that “old family recipe” for a rub or sauce, then Pitmaster Supply has you covered. As barbecue and steak judges, we come across rubs that are winning competitions but aren’t being commercially marketed. At Pitmaster Supply, we are curating¬†the best collection of rubs and sauces we’ve tried and can wholeheartedly endorse. Click here to shop the very best!

Good Smoke Starts With Good Wood!

Barbecue relies on good firewood like no other cooking method. “Fast and Hot” cooking can be done with just about any fuel source, but barbecue smoke becomes a major flavor in your finished product.

We try not to enter the argument about what wood smoke goes best with which meat, so to help each Pitmaster out, we offer four main species. We stock oak, pecan, mesquite, and hickory so you can get just the right taste you want for your barbecue.

Oak Firewood

Pecan Firewood

Mesquite Firewood

Hickory Firewood

Our wood is sold by 1/8 cord and can be combined with any of our other products for delivery on our shopping cart.

Order By 1pm, Get Next Day Delivery After 1pm!

In this day of overnight shipping, we’ve taken it a step further. When you order from Pitmaster Supply Co., we deliver your order in person fresh from our headquarters in North Fort Worth for a flat $25 fee no matter how big your order. We deliver daily to Tarrant County and parts of Parker, Wise and Denton Counties.

Or, if you choose, we’ll hold your order for pickup between 10am and 6pm on Saturday or Sunday and refund your $25 delivery fee. If you can’t make it to pick up your order, we’ll arrange to deliver it on your schedule the following Monday or Tuesday.

More Coming In 2019!

Pitmaster Supply Co. is just getting started and we’re already looking forward toward 2019. We’ll be expanding our product offering including smokers from Yoder, Traeger, Green Mountain, and more. Be sure to subscribe to our news and promotions email list to keep up to date!

We need your feedback! Pitmaster Supply is considering taking on smoker repair. Do you have a smoker that you’ve “loved to death?” Have you burnt our that thin firebox metal?¬†Has some weld come loose? If there was a place that could fix your favorite smoker, would that be of value to you? If so, click here to say so and to let us know what brand of smoker you’d like us to consider servicing.