“Good Barbecue Is Easy…Great Barbecue Just Takes Practice”

Pitmaster Supply Co. exists to help backyard and professional Pitmasters in Fort Worth continue to hone their skill for smoking and grilling. Do you want to take your barbecue up a notch with premium meats? Need to rent a fully equipped trailer smoker for a big event? Want to learn more about producing great Central Texas barbecue? Yes, us too!

Our mission statement is simple:

To provide the resources and know-how an organization or individual needs to create an event centered around family, and community with great barbecue at its center.

Key concepts derived from our Mission Statement:

  • Resources include everything needed to produce quality barbecue. From the smoker to the serving line, from the meat to the drinks, we seek to be a turn-key solution for our Pitmasters.
  • In order for our Pitmasters to feel they are capable of handling a trailer-sized smoker for a large crowd, we’ll be ever mindful of the need to educate and share our know-how. This will be accomplished through our BBQ.edu resources and live classes.
  • Organizations and individuals include people from all walks of life and are not gender specific. The top Pitmaster in Texas is an 83-year old woman who works as a school custodian the rest of the week (we love you Ms. Tootsie!).
  • Faith, family and community are important parts of living a fulfilling life. Pitmaster Supply is in the people business and not just in the barbecue business. The sense of pride and satisfaction in bringing loved ones together and hearing their heartfelt appreciation for the time they’ve spent together and for the food they ate is what we’re really about.
  • Good barbecue is easy if a Pitmaster follows some simple guidelines. We help take most of the risk out of your way by providing quality meats, specific firewoods, the right tools, and professional grade supplies.

How Good Is Your Barbecue? (Coming Soon)

Barbecue competitions are all the rage. In fact, our founder is double certified as a Barbecue and Steak competition judge. So, we’re going to do our own online. Here’s the scoop:

When you rent a Pitmaster Supply trailer smoker, save us a sample of your smoked product for judging. If your barbecue measures up, we’ll place your name on our leaderboards. The categories will include Individual and Corporate divisions for Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, and Pork.

Be sure to check back often to see who is doing the best barbecue in Fort Worth.


Our Pitmaster Supply trailer smokers do a lot of traveling, and one of the biggest trophies in Texas barbecue are pictures with famous, and not so famous, Pitmasters. We’re building our collection of #smokerselfies and then we’ll start sharing ours here on the website.

When you rent a Pitmaster Supply trailer smoker, take a picture of your and your crowd for us to post up here as well.

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We want to hear from Pitmasters! Drop us a line with your stories, your recipes, your event ideas, your questions, your…you get the picture. Your feedback is appreciated.